Finding Time Between Breastfeeding and Toddler Naps To Create

The first thing I will say is I am lucky. L. U. C. K. Y. to be able to stay home with my babies and create. Because I am home, meaning I don’t have to wake up to get to work on time and I don’t have to rush home to cook dinner, I can get up when the babies wake up and go to bed when they go to bed. Or I can get up early, clean the house, get breakfast started, answer a few emails, pay bills and sip some coffee until the babies wake up. In the evening I can also put the babies to bed and stay up late working on my business, sewing or editing pictures. I have options. The hard part about options is finding a balance.

Part of the balancing act is asking myself and being honest with myself about how much time I truly have. Today has felt busy and hectic. Hectic because I put off doing housework and laundry so I could take the time to show visiting family our small town. It was nice to take a break creatively as well as from household things but it has all caught up to me in a hurry. Declan wet through his last set of pajamas which also means sheets, Keavy has no more burp rags, drool bibs or clean onesies, all the towels are done for and every animal needs a bath. We won’t even speak of the dust bunnies growing under the couch right now. So what might have been a relaxing creative nap time for me turned into a tornado of cleaning. It’s days like this when I have to stop myself from doubt. Doubt that I can run a home and a handmade business with two kids under two. It’s days like this when I have to say, days like this only happen once in a while.

fabric options

Laundry usually gets done, the house gets clean, the toddler isn’t always teething and breastfeeding babies eventually play/sleep more and nurse less, eventually. And more creating happens more often than not. The normal day is a busy but routine day and those days, normal days, happen often. The thing that is mixing up those normal days are adding in new shop items and having to decide whether they should be ready to ship items or made to order. Ready to ship is nice because it means I create when I have time and post when I can. Made to order items are nice because I can post those items to my shop right now if I wanted. Just get pictures of the fabric, post up examples from other finished crib sheets and then the customer tells me what they want. The down side to that is I am then put on a schedule to get the item made and shipped. But then again I don’t have finished products lying around waiting to be shipped out. And then back to having ready-made items, it fills the need I have to create something daily.

fabric for sheets

So, is there an answer to finding balance? Not exactly. I think finding a comfortable spot between doing OK and having home cooked meals every couple of days is good enough. And for now, making ready to ship items and a few made to order, might be the best option.


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