Choosing Fabric for Fitted Crib Sheets and Baby Blankets

The task this week is huge. I have to make a decision and commit to different fabrics and settle on what material I will use as the backing to the Baby Blankets. Picking out fabric to use is easy when I am the one using it. But picking out fabric that someone else might love, having never met or talked to that person, is a little stressful. Do I go with what is trending or stick with what I like cause let’s be honest I am not a unique butterfly in what I like. So I am shooting for a bit of both.

Trending right now, minimalist and gender neutral, shapes like triangles or squares, but also whimsy. So Here are the picks for the shop that appeal to me but also fit what’s happening on instagram and pinterest.

2015 summer fabric crib sheets

Next up Cotton knit for the back of the baby blankets or minky? I love minky, who doesn’t, but it can get hot and keeping baby from over heating it always a concern. So the other soft and cozy option is jersey. It’s breathable, think t-shirt, soft and lightweight. I am torn. Minky feels luxurious, it is popular and so many shops use it that I feel like I am trying to reinvent the wheel by changing it. However, everyone DOES use it and offering something different could set me apart from the pack. Looks like a test blanket is in order. Good thing Keavy enjoys being my product tester.

Minky Backing

Minky Backing

All Jersey baby blankie

All Jersey baby blankie


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