My New Year Resolution

Every year I make a plan, a resolution. Something like, eat better or stay on top of the housework. Since having kids, two babies 13 months apart, I haven’t made a resolution. I guess I felt accomplished enough by just surviving each day. But this year and actually the past few months I have been working on using a daily planner. I also wanted to work on using a daily planner more often to get myself in the habit of having a schedule by the time Big D goes head on into homeschooling FOR REAL. The planner I had was good but I found myself making up categories and placing extra boxes where I felt I needed the extra help and reminders. Then I started to create my own.


While I work on Tot School and as we prepare to sell our home it has come in handy. Keeping on schedule or as close to it as possible will continue to save us and well let’s be honest, ME, a lot of headaches in the future. So here it is, my planner. I think the thing I am the most excited about is the added little spot to write down something great that happened today. It might be little like remembering to get toothpaste or huge like Little K taking her first steps. The other thing I wanted to include was a reminder to feel good, whether that is by smiling or being kind to someone, I wanted to have something permanently written down that would help me put something good out to the people around me. Each day has a different Feel Good reminder.

To pick up a printable download of your own visit the Shop on Etsy in the Printables section. They are a budget friendly price, and a download. Which means you can print it off over and over again, only needing to add the actual date. Doesn’t get much easier.

Daily Planner



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