Tot School Studio: Our First Day

When I found out I was pregnant with Big D (2 years ago) I knew instantly that we would choose to homeschool him and any siblings that came along. Now that he is a very busy toddler I wanted to start introducing him to learning, by making it fun. Focused Play is what we are calling it.

Realizing toddlers learn best through play, that is our focus. Playing with purpose, playing with learning in the background. I also realize a toddler is an extremely busy person with lots of things to accomplish, like learning to potty train, so some days we may only get to one Tot School item or we may hit them all and want to keep going. The idea is to keep it interesting, fun and flexible.

homeschool planner instagram

So I have decided to start our Tot School fresh in the New Year. January 4th 2016 will be our first day. And here is how I am hoping it will go.

The Basics, I make a lesson plan for the week, picture above, concentrating on one Color, one Number, one Shape and one Letter. Each day I have different activities that incorporate each particular, color, number, shape and letter. For Week 1 I wanted to hone in on Big D’s favorites. Circles = Wheels, Red = his red truck, T = trucks. For numbers I thought it best to go in numerical order, that means starting with the Number 1.

totschool studio RED

Alright let’s get Tot School Started! First Step: Gather all the toys that are red. Red cars and trucks, red mega blocks, red toys, books, pans. If it was red we found it and put it in the bin. My thought it to have all the red toys in the main living room, believing that every time we are in this room there will be opportunity to explore the color red. The bin also held things that started with T and was a circle shape.

Interested in the Weekly ToT School Lesson Planner? Check it out HERE in the shop.

It’s a 2 Page layout, Box planner. Lots of space for notes, thoughts, shopping lists and most importantly Accomplishments for the week.

box planner tot school


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