January Goal Setting and Planning

This year I have several goals I want to accomplish. There are business goals, selling our home goals, ToT School Studio goals, and creative goals. In making my goals, working out the details and sticking to a plan, I have found that my planner inserts are working really well for it all. From the Weekly Box Planner, where I can plan out my week with general terms, pretty stickers and doodles, to the daily planner that lets me write out my day in detail and keep an hourly log of what the kids have been up to.

notes social pic


My favorite part of any planner happens to be the Notes page. I write, a lot. Lists, to do lists, reading lists for the kids, blog planning lists – the lists ( forgive me) are endless. Sure I could use ordinary folder/loose-leaf paper but it isn’t as pretty and I tend to lose all of those lists and notes to a random pile in the kitchen. These Note sheets actually stay inside if not pretty close to my binder, to nice to lose.

You can pick up the Notes planner insert in the shop today.


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