ToT School Studio: improvising and real life

We are working our way through week 1 of ToT School and so far it is going well. I wanted to bring up a quick point when starting your Homeschool or Tot School and lesson planning. Don’t Stress Out. Pinterest and Instagram would have you & me believe that we need to be put together. Have everything laid out in uniform plastic bins, color coded and labelled. Social Media and marketers would like us to believe that this picture perfect utopia is obtainable. Somedays it is, most days – well it just isn’t. Yes, even in my pictures I try to present a slightly put together image, you won’t see my sink full of dishes, the kitchen counter covered in tools and granola or the dust on the fireplace mantel. You won’t see the mess but it does exist. What you will see are happy kids, who without prompting join me at the table to color or sort laundry. And you will see my toddler dancing to a song that would make my mother blush but hey it’s the beat he is boggying to. So today when I ran out of printer paper but we still hadn’t tackled a ToT School lesson I improvised.

color T with com

Big D LOVED IT! He saw me drawing one of his favorites – a train – and pushed a chair next to me. I rolled (circle is the shape this week) a red crayon to him, I blow his mind, and he started to color pictures that I drew. That’s it. ToT School can be as hard or as easy as you want to make it. I wish I was as organized as “Perfect Mom” and had, and kept, all my ducks in a row all day, can you imagine the things I would get done. But I am not and that is ok. Big D had other plans and wasn’t feeling good so we took it slow. It’s only day 3 he will still get to college if we miss a day of tot school.

So, improvise, dance to inappropriate songs and eat cake for breakfast. Then clear a clean spot on the floor take a picture of the salad you are having for lunch and post it to Instagram like the rest of us. #weknowthetruth

draw for them

Interested in starting a ToT School in your home, start HERE and read other blog entries.



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