ToT School Studio: Week 2 Lesson Plan

Made it to week two after learning a lot about expectations and stressing out. So week 1 lesson planning for Big D will be slightly different. But only in the way of being a little more easy on myself. We didn’t get much done last week with numbers so this week I will try to work them in a little bit more. WITHOUT STRESSING.

The plan this week is 1 – Shape = Square, Color = Green, Letter = Gg and the Number 2

tot school homeschool lesson plan color green

We have wooden blocks all in green for their shape and color, mega blocks – just so happens the green ones are also square. For the Letter G I plan to make coloring pages of animals that start with G, and Number 2 will be a lot more fun than one (if I remember to teach it) and I will create painting and coloring pages for that as well. I am also planning to do a lot more reading this week. We were so focused on getting certain things done last week, then Big D didn’t feel so well for two days so we missed a couple planned lessons, and didn’t get much reading done.

The Reading List for ToT School? Anything and everything. If they want it read it will get read even if it falls outside of the lesson plan.

In addition to ToT School we also have a very active, almost, one year old who has started to mimic everything and is now signing back to us. Big D never learned to sign as a baby so now as a toddler he is gaining that skill too. It really is so much fun to see them learn something new everyday.

To see how last week went go to the blog HERE



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