ToT School on a budget: Repurpose Items from around your home

Painting is always a hit in our home. Big D loves it. From mixing the colors to painting on paper, pumpkins, himself – it’s all great.

homeschool on a budget, tot school, painting

But every now and then painting with a paint brush or his fingers seems to not interest him. On those days I take a quick look around to see how we can make it different. This week it was painting with a Cotton Tip Applicator aka Q-tip and placing the paint (mixed with a little water) inside those things that use to make ice.

When he was done asking “wahs daht?” and pretending to clean his ears, he got down to business.

Here’s a list of other things you can use to paint –

  1. cotton balls
  2. mini cupcake baking tins to hold the paint
  3. string or yarn, dipped in the paint
  4. if you have trees in your yard a quick hunt for some leaves or pine needle branch

And sometimes painting on a new surface can bring back the fun. One of Big D’s favorites is foil. The shine of it mixed with the paint is what I think makes it fun.


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