ToT School Studio: The Color Green

It’s such a wonderful thing to watch as a child learns. More than that is witnessing the spark happen. The moment your child gets what you have been saying for days or months and then suddenly they are off and running with it. That happened this week with the color Green.


ToT School teaching the color Green 11 ways

I love this color, I don’t wear it or really have anything that is green as decoration in my home but man do I love green. It makes me feel good, so good that I didn’t stop talking about it to Big D. And even Little K was in on the Green love fest trying to mimic me saying green. It was great. So great that Big D caught on to this superb color quickly. Pointing out anything that was green with his green car.

I went searching for activities that I could duplicate with him and here is a wonderful list that covered color themes. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. They are all budget friendly and didn’t take much prep time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.10.21 AM

image from 1+1+1=1 tot school

1+1+1=1 has a great tot School section and amazing printables. This post was all about rainbows and showed 4 ways to teach color. One in particular I already had the supplies. It got a little messy working with actual glue, but we weathered the stickiness and made a rainbow with extra green.

image from hands on as we grow

image from hands on as we grow

Hands On As We Grow had an amazing selection of color posts, just type in COLORS into the search option. From there I picked a Sensory bag. I filled it with the two colors we had learned up to that point – red and green. The sorting into the colors circle he didn’t get so much, but he had a ton of fun squishing and moving the buttons. As he moved the buttons around we talked about what color it was and I would show him other things in the room had that were that color too.

image from You Brew My Tea

image from You Brew My Tea

On You Brew My Tea she gave 7 examples of ways to teach colors. We chose the color hunt and went around the house looking for the color green. It was fun, most of the time he understood the concept and the other part he started grabbing everything to put in the basket, mostly clothes. It was good though, it gave me an opportunity to explain different colors and that we were only looking for green. He had fun leading me through the house.

Interested in planning out a ToT School Studio of your own? Start with getting a simple Weekly Box Planner HERE and decide which – shape, color, number and letter you want to focus on that week and go to these sites to get a ton of ideas. Remember it’s about the fun, simple easy everyday items can be teaching tools.


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