To-Do Lists or Not To-Do

I am a list maker. Problem is I lose my list, have too many going and then have to start my list over. I realized that happens mostly because I am using a regular full size notepad. Those same notepads get used by my husband and his list making habit, as well as becoming a doodle pad for Big D.  The solution – something pretty just for me.




So I created a to-do list printable. Making it pretty with watercolor flowers and mixing it up by throwing in a blue one,  keeps me interested.  The sheets are printed in 3 columns, cutting along a dotted line, I then have the perfect sized list making notes.


The bonus of the size, it’s not big enough for my husband’s handwriting, so he doesn’t steal them. The other bonus, those big flowers make Big D think it has already been doodled on, he likes fresh paper.  So the pretty notepad, to-do list is mine all mine. Unless you want one – then go HERE and print some up today.


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