Are You On Instagram?

While I am busy making printable planner inserts, creating my newest love – The To-Do List, and tweaking the ToT School planner pages, I thought I would let you in on a little secret. I am an Instagram Junky. The good thing about that, for you, is that I can’t keep a secret long. So when something new is in the works or I finished a product but haven’t released it for sale you can see it first on Instagram.

are you on instagram2-01

You can also catch ToT School happening in Real Time, and check out my latest planner and printable designs. The nice thing about Instagram, it allows me to connect right with you. Answering questions about our ToT School activity or hearing your ideas for a section on the homeschool planner. Those are things I LOVE about IG. So click the image and follow my Instagram account. If you do follow leave a comment on a picture about it and I will follow you back.



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