Homeschool Lesson Planner & ToT School Update

Big D has been loving all the planned time I have been spending with him. He isn’t much of a talker, not in our language #toddlerlife, but he is expressing his happiness with lots of hugs and running screaming loudness. Loud is good in our home.We play, work through some of the lessons I have planned and then play some more. A little over 1 month in and we have accomplished a lot. He can identify letters, numbers, shapes and colors we have covered. And he is sleeping good at night. I would say that is the test for a challenging yet fun day in Toddler World – if it was enough they sleep. Or in our case Big D does and for 12 hours straight. Crazy.

week 1 lesson plan

When I first created the Tot School lesson planner I thought it would be a rough draft and then I would make a few tweaks along the way. So far I wouldn’t change a thing. The boxes give me tons of room to doodle what we are working on, giving me a quick glance, visual effect, of what we have planned.

And if I need to write something out in more detail there is plenty of space to do that. I think one of the best parts of the planner is the Accomplishments space. We sometimes don’t have much time to hit all our points in the day or someone gets sick and plans have to change. But there is ALWAYS something to be proud of and consider it an accomplishment. Right next to that is a space to write out what I might change in our approach next week. Sometimes I just write in MORE PATIENCE. It’s a nice reminder that nothing is perfect and something can always be improved upon. Plus, there is always tomorrow. Right?

If you are interested in reading more about ToT School go HERE

Want to pick up a planner for yourself? Head over to my etsy shop HERE


homeschool lesson planner printable planner




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