Pregnancy Planner and Journal

I am in the process of creating a pregnancy planner / journal. Part of the reason for creating it is to have something that I can use right now being that I am 12.5 weeks pregnant with #3. With my first two I kept journals for each pregnancy. Nothing to special about them other than the fact that I chose them myself. All types of hand written details are in those journals and I will cherish having the memories written down. But there are things that I missed documenting and today I can’t think of what the answer would be. Sometimes prompting is a good thing.


So, going through this pregnancy I am taking notes for a different reason. It’s pretty exciting to be pregnant, so many things are changing and there can be a lot to plan for and all the details that can go into the planning can get lost. Not only am I building a planner that can hold your wish lists for the baby shower registry and packing lists for the hospital but also a way to remember feelings you were having and first kicks. There will be a place to write the details of finding out you were pregnant, seeing the tiniest heartbeat for the first time and the birth story.

Needless to say I have a lot of work ahead of me. The planner has the potential to be over 60 pages long.


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