Silly Chicken Weekly Planner

For the past year we have been chicken egg farmers. Working hard to get our eggs into local stores and restaurants. Its been a wonderful journey and we are still learning how to navigate, farm, family and business all in one place. One way I find balance is to draw, doodle, sketch and get something down on paper daily. I might only get 5 minutes to myself some days but in that 5 minutes I’ve been able to create my silly chickens.

silly chickens daily planner-01

These ladies have been finding themselves on new adventures around the farm. First bumble bee encounters to snow, they are enjoying life and bringing smiles to crazy chicken ladies daily. You can pick up a silly chicken printable daily planner HERE.

silly chickens to do list-01


And if you are a list maker like I am, then HERE are a few of the ladies on Printable To Do Lists. Just print, cut and write.

I am so excited about these girls and I can’t wait to get 5 more minutes and doodle their next adventures.




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