headshot 3Welcome to Skip The Mush.

My name is Tehlia and I am the voice and creator behind Skip The Mush. When I am not chasing after my 4 children under 4, you can find me crocheting, painting, drawing, cooking, sewing, and cleaning. Although it never looks clean for long.

Here, on Skip The Mush, you will find lots of talk about homeschooling my preschoolers and toddler, and creating handmade items for my kids. A big portion of the site is dedicated to my passion for paper, designing stationary, planners and printables.


I met my husband (Daddy O)  who was a soldier in the US Army, while I was on vacation in Hawaii. After four months of a long distance relationship, I purchased a one way ticket back to Hawaii, where we married a short 8 months later. Sixteen years have now flown by and we are finally getting around to growing a family. After Daddy O was injured in Afghanistan we parted ways with military life and have shifted our focus to small town living and creating new dreams with our babies.

My Passion (when my arms are empty and my kids take a nap) :


From the time I could hold a pencil I was also collecting all the paper I could find from around the house. I think my parents go pretty lucky, in that all I ever wanted was a pack of index cards or lined loose leaf binder paper. I would teach school to my stuffed animals or pretend to be a business person and scribble on paper all day. As a teenager my favorite place to go was an office supply store or a book store and both still get me pretty excited today. Daddy O learned quickly that the way to my heart was a new journal or a pack of college ruled paper. Lucky him, right? No Diamonds or flowers for this girl. Give Me Paper.


So, why did it take me until I was in my mid 30’s with two babies and another on the way to realize I could create my own planners and stationary that fit my needs exactly? Probably a little denial  and doubt that I could do it. That was, until I made my first planner page, then everything changed. I dove head first into teaching myself Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. With a slow launch in December of 2015 I started putting my printable planner pages out there. Finding my voice, my style and my customers has been an amazing learning experience and causing all the doubt, denial to turn into drive and commitment. I am finally doing what I feel in my bones is the perfect fit for me. I want the future of Skip The Mush Printables to expand into printed and bound – planners, journals and stationary, that can be purchased in stores. I want to be the thing people get excited about when they walk into an office supply store because they are on their way to pick up the latest Skip The Mush Goal Setting Journal. My 15-year-old self is beaming.

silly chicken daily planner-01

My Other Passion (when my kids are awake) : ToT School Studio

tot school studio homeschool ~ Tot School Studio is my way of getting into the Homeschooling frame of mind. Finding ways to educate in a fun, playful and passionate manner. Giving my Toddler the attention he deserves and teaching him the basics in new and interesting ways daily.

~ Why “ToT School”? It’s a fun thing to say. Toddler School just doesn’t sound like a party.

~ Why Studio? Think art studio. Studios are for creating, building, trying new things, open spaces, big windows and very little negativity. From creating fun ways to learn about numbers, to building a tiny mind into a bright brilliant one. Studios are where you create. In ToT School Studio we create something every day.

~ Why are you homeschooling a Toddler, shouldn’t they just play? YES! Yes. 100 times yes. They should PLAY, they should RUN, they should be LOUD. But sometimes they get bored. Honestly sometimes I get bored too. So ToT School keeps me thinking and on my toes, wanting to keep their young minds from getting bored. Focused Play for 5 minutes or 30 is the goal.

totschool studio RED

I look forward to sharing the learning curve that is motherhood while keeping a small house tidy, homeschooling, and creating printables. And I hope you join me often in the bumpy-fun-strange-world my family has stumbled into. Enjoy the site.