Fitted Crib Sheet Tutorial with My Favorite Video

Shortly after I taught myself to sew and a couple of months after Little K was born I wanted to make things for her. Jersey headbands, baby leggings and then I saw a video on how to make crib sheets and my mind went nuts. Wait, I could make her crib bedding? I COULD make her crib bedding. And you can too. The supply list is pretty short and straight forward.

  • 2 yards of fabric ** helpful hint ** make sure it measures at least 44 inches across. Anything shorter won’t work.
  • 90 inches of elastic. I used quarter-inch wide.

crib sheet

Wash and iron your fabric before working with it.

Cut your fabric to measure 44×68 inches. Then fold it in half, lengthwise and then in half again. So the four corners are all together. Next you need to cut out an 8×8 square from the corners. This will create your fitted crib sheet corners once sewn together.

Here is my favorite video for the sewing instructions and two options for adding the elastic.

I loved the fabric I chose so much that I picked up another yard 36×44 and 1 yard of Gray Minky Dot. Measured the minky to match the measurements of the floral fabric, placed right sides together and sewed around the edges leaving a 3 inch opening. Turned the blanket right side out and sewed about a quarter-inch top stitch all around the blanket closing off the 3 inch opening in the process. DONE. Matching baby blanket and Fitted Crib Sheet.

matching set


The Baby Doll

Little K has been hugging a stuffed dog that was gifted to Big D when he was a baby. She would get so excited for it, bouncing and waving her hands until finally getting a hold of it. She did this enough times that I thought it might be time I made her a doll of her own. Thus, The Baby Doll was born. And Little K loved her.


She is simple and sweet. A rag doll hybrid. Mixed patterns, ribbon hair and a soft triangle body. I made a few changes to the original pattern I created and gave her a larger head. I think she is now perfect. A fun little Doll that is 13 inches tall, has “hair” that can double as a way to carry her and a body sized just for little hands to grab.

The Baby Doll and her friends will be going up in the etsy shop soon.


Choosing Fabric for Fitted Crib Sheets and Baby Blankets

The task this week is huge. I have to make a decision and commit to different fabrics and settle on what material I will use as the backing to the Baby Blankets. Picking out fabric to use is easy when I am the one using it. But picking out fabric that someone else might love, having never met or talked to that person, is a little stressful. Do I go with what is trending or stick with what I like cause let’s be honest I am not a unique butterfly in what I like. So I am shooting for a bit of both.

Trending right now, minimalist and gender neutral, shapes like triangles or squares, but also whimsy. So Here are the picks for the shop that appeal to me but also fit what’s happening on instagram and pinterest.

2015 summer fabric crib sheets

Next up Cotton knit for the back of the baby blankets or minky? I love minky, who doesn’t, but it can get hot and keeping baby from over heating it always a concern. So the other soft and cozy option is jersey. It’s breathable, think t-shirt, soft and lightweight. I am torn. Minky feels luxurious, it is popular and so many shops use it that I feel like I am trying to reinvent the wheel by changing it. However, everyone DOES use it and offering something different could set me apart from the pack. Looks like a test blanket is in order. Good thing Keavy enjoys being my product tester.

Minky Backing

Minky Backing

All Jersey baby blankie

All Jersey baby blankie

Baby Leggings

Creating jersey baby leggings are among the many favorites I have right now. From picking out the fabric to trying them on my little girl, it all makes me so happy. Right now I am working with the fabric options I have available to me from my local fabric shop. But soon I will need to branch out and order online. I want to support small shops and especially my community, but the selection that I will need can only happen by ordering from other places.

Houndstooth on Baby Keavy

Houndstooth on Baby Keavy

I plan to have a bunch of leggings in the shop by this fall. leggings for baby baby leggings baby leggings

Finding Time Between Breastfeeding and Toddler Naps To Create

The first thing I will say is I am lucky. L. U. C. K. Y. to be able to stay home with my babies and create. Because I am home, meaning I don’t have to wake up to get to work on time and I don’t have to rush home to cook dinner, I can get up when the babies wake up and go to bed when they go to bed. Or I can get up early, clean the house, get breakfast started, answer a few emails, pay bills and sip some coffee until the babies wake up. In the evening I can also put the babies to bed and stay up late working on my business, sewing or editing pictures. I have options. The hard part about options is finding a balance.

Part of the balancing act is asking myself and being honest with myself about how much time I truly have. Today has felt busy and hectic. Hectic because I put off doing housework and laundry so I could take the time to show visiting family our small town. It was nice to take a break creatively as well as from household things but it has all caught up to me in a hurry. Declan wet through his last set of pajamas which also means sheets, Keavy has no more burp rags, drool bibs or clean onesies, all the towels are done for and every animal needs a bath. We won’t even speak of the dust bunnies growing under the couch right now. So what might have been a relaxing creative nap time for me turned into a tornado of cleaning. It’s days like this when I have to stop myself from doubt. Doubt that I can run a home and a handmade business with two kids under two. It’s days like this when I have to say, days like this only happen once in a while.

fabric options

Laundry usually gets done, the house gets clean, the toddler isn’t always teething and breastfeeding babies eventually play/sleep more and nurse less, eventually. And more creating happens more often than not. The normal day is a busy but routine day and those days, normal days, happen often. The thing that is mixing up those normal days are adding in new shop items and having to decide whether they should be ready to ship items or made to order. Ready to ship is nice because it means I create when I have time and post when I can. Made to order items are nice because I can post those items to my shop right now if I wanted. Just get pictures of the fabric, post up examples from other finished crib sheets and then the customer tells me what they want. The down side to that is I am then put on a schedule to get the item made and shipped. But then again I don’t have finished products lying around waiting to be shipped out. And then back to having ready-made items, it fills the need I have to create something daily.

fabric for sheets

So, is there an answer to finding balance? Not exactly. I think finding a comfortable spot between doing OK and having home cooked meals every couple of days is good enough. And for now, making ready to ship items and a few made to order, might be the best option.

Fitted Crib Sheets and Matching Baby Blankets

Once I saw this fabric I couldn’t resist making something sweet for Keavy. At the moment our baby girl is still bed sharing with us. Because she is such a happy baby and we are all getting great sleep, I don’t see it ending any time soon. One day in the future she may use these on her very own bed. Until then I will keep creating for those of you that love original designs and crib sheets you can’t find in stores. Crib Sheets will be hitting the shop this summer.

fitted crib sheet

Matching Crib Sheet and Cozy Baby Blanket in Blue, Gray, Turquoise, and Coral Reds. 100% cotton, cut and sewn using my serger. The elastic is encased and all seams have been serged.

Matching Crib Sheet and Baby Blanket

Matching Crib Sheet and Baby Blanket

This sweet girl LOVES the blanket

Baby Blanket

New Labels Have Finally Arrived

I have been holding off on creating more bibdanas because of a label fail. You can read about that here. But new labels finally arrived. I found a great maker on Etsy who worked hard at understanding what I was wanting. Although, the drool bib creating can get back in action, I have been playing with more blanket ideas and got really excited when I added in the new tags.

skip the mush labels have arrived

skip the mush labels have arrived

The labels are all cotton and so so soft. And the best part, Keavy did what babies do best and gummed the label. With full approval from the ultimate product tester I have, I can comfortably say we have a label winner. No Fraying, they withstood multiple washings and baby drool. product testing This coming week I plan on adding the labels to even more items. Fitted Crib sheets are in the works, more baby blankets and baby leggings are also on the planning table. Check back for shop updates often.

Expanding What The Shop Has To Offer

I recently purchased a used Singer Serger from a local sewing machine dealership near my town. Honestly, it is the best purchase I have ever made. Not only has it let me create things I never thought I would but it also helped me get over a fear of sewing machines. The warranty helps. One of the newest items I am working on and hope to have included in the shop soon is baby blankets.

Two Sided Jersey Blanket

Two Sided Jersey Blanket

This one is Jersey Cotton, two layers and serged around all the seams. Keavy loved it. I will be making a few different sizes and testing different fabrics together but I liked the weight of this. Keavy could move it off of her, and it didn’t make her hot.

Soft jersey baby blankie

Soft jersey baby blankie

What do you think? Jersey on both sides? Two layers? One layer? Jersey on one side and cotton on the other side? The options are endless.

Charcoal Gray and geometric pink green and white Jersey.

Charcoal Gray and geometric pink green and white Jersey.

Quality control. Drool Bibs aka “bibdanas” Are On Hold

I pride myself on quality. I like to work fast and furious. I get an idea I run with it. But there is one thing that will stop me in my tracks. Poor Quality. A few months ago I ordered labels for all the fabric baby items I create and sell. They were perfect. Cute. Small. Simple. I was so excited to place the drool bibs on my newborn daughter. I treated them like I would anything else I buy (ignoring my own care instructions) and washed them with her clothes, then air-dried them. Well my sewing was great, the fabric prints held up perfectly. The labels, I cried. I got mad and then I stopped.

Label FAIL

Label FAIL

Label before it got washed

Label before it got washed

I stopped making the bibdanas because I couldn’t use the labels. You never hear anyone say, “the bibs were cute but the label maker sucked.” It’s more like “her bibs are cute but her labels fell apart.” And that I can not have.

The search for new labels has turned me into a question asking crazy with shops on Etsy. So far one shop has been extremely patient and kind to me and all I ask. So hopefully in a week or two I will have new labels and Drool Bibs will be hitting the store.