Free Printable: Let Them Lead

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Sometimes we can get so stuck in planning out the day, the lesson and our time, that we forget to ask them what they would like to do. He might be little, he might not say much but he has an opinion. They all do. So, some days he gets to lead. Alright, let’s be honest, most days he leads.

But in letting him lead, literally following his lead, I discovered more about him than any of my planning could have let me. We played with trucks, on the couch, pretending to jump over things. We read his favorite book about 5 times and clapped at the end, then he “read” it to me and we clapped at the end. We sorted laundry his way, then cheerios his way and blocks his way.

I created this “Let Them Lead” printable to remind me that once in a while I need to let go and let them lead me. In doing so I learned that Big D, can do imaginary play, he sorts things, and is comprehending what we read. So click the image to the left and print out your own reminder to – LET THEM LEAD. If you are interested in seeing what other Free Printables are available go HERE.



Free Printable For The Planner Addict In Us All

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Dwight D. Eisenhower said “Plans Are Nothing; Planning Is Everything.”

Free printable. typography, quoteHow perfect is that? We can make plans to be awesome parents, great teachers, successful or wealthy. But that is all it is, a plan. Without planning out how you are going to get there Your Plans mean nothing.

I thought it would make a wonderful FREE printable for a limited time. All you have to do is click the image to the left and it will pull up in a new window without the web address. Printed as is, at 100% it will fit into an 8×10 frame, it may need to be trimmed depending on your frame. If you want to print it smaller than take down the percentage. For a 4×6 frame, similar to the image above, I went down to 50% and trimmed it.

Do you love this printable? Did you print it? Great! Next step, which would be pretty amazing of you – PIN IT  – The very first image – and let me know so I can start following you on Pinterest.

Interested in Skip The Mush Printable Planners go HERE on etsy.

Free Printable Notice The Little Things

Thanks for stopping by. Grab your free printable for “Something Good Happens Everyday ~ Notice The Little Things” by clicking on the picture below. It will pop up on your screen  * watermark free * and you can print it on 8.5×11 paper. You can then easily frame it (might have to be cut down on the edges depending on your frame) in an 8×10 picture frame.


the little things

Free Printable For Baby’s Room

I thought I would try something new and offer a Free Printable for you to download and print. The download can be printed with a standard home printer on plain paper, card stock or even canvas paper for more texture. It will print on 8.5 x 11 paper and fit into an 8 x 10 frame or matting. I think this would look really cute mixed in on a gallery wall for a babies room. Made up a few mock ups of the print with some stars added in on blue matting and pink matting. Now my next mission is to create a little corner in my son’s room to hang this in.

click to download & print *watermark free

click this image to download & print *watermark free

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