Silly Chicken Weekly Planner

For the past year we have been chicken egg farmers. Working hard to get our eggs into local stores and restaurants. Its been a wonderful journey and we are still learning how to navigate, farm, family and business all in one place. One way I find balance is to draw, doodle, sketch and get something down on paper daily. I might only get 5 minutes to myself some days but in that 5 minutes I’ve been able to create my silly chickens.

silly chickens daily planner-01

These ladies have been finding themselves on new adventures around the farm. First bumble bee encounters to snow, they are enjoying life and bringing smiles to crazy chicken ladies daily. You can pick up a silly chicken printable daily planner HERE.

silly chickens to do list-01


And if you are a list maker like I am, then HERE are a few of the ladies on Printable To Do Lists. Just print, cut and write.

I am so excited about these girls and I can’t wait to get 5 more minutes and doodle their next adventures.




Pregnancy Planner and Journal

I am in the process of creating a pregnancy planner / journal. Part of the reason for creating it is to have something that I can use right now being that I am 12.5 weeks pregnant with #3. With my first two I kept journals for each pregnancy. Nothing to special about them other than the fact that I chose them myself. All types of hand written details are in those journals and I will cherish having the memories written down. But there are things that I missed documenting and today I can’t think of what the answer would be. Sometimes prompting is a good thing.


So, going through this pregnancy I am taking notes for a different reason. It’s pretty exciting to be pregnant, so many things are changing and there can be a lot to plan for and all the details that can go into the planning can get lost. Not only am I building a planner that can hold your wish lists for the baby shower registry and packing lists for the hospital but also a way to remember feelings you were having and first kicks. There will be a place to write the details of finding out you were pregnant, seeing the tiniest heartbeat for the first time and the birth story.

Needless to say I have a lot of work ahead of me. The planner has the potential to be over 60 pages long.

Homeschool Lesson Planner & ToT School Update

Big D has been loving all the planned time I have been spending with him. He isn’t much of a talker, not in our language #toddlerlife, but he is expressing his happiness with lots of hugs and running screaming loudness. Loud is good in our home.We play, work through some of the lessons I have planned and then play some more. A little over 1 month in and we have accomplished a lot. He can identify letters, numbers, shapes and colors we have covered. And he is sleeping good at night. I would say that is the test for a challenging yet fun day in Toddler World – if it was enough they sleep. Or in our case Big D does and for 12 hours straight. Crazy.

week 1 lesson plan

When I first created the Tot School lesson planner I thought it would be a rough draft and then I would make a few tweaks along the way. So far I wouldn’t change a thing. The boxes give me tons of room to doodle what we are working on, giving me a quick glance, visual effect, of what we have planned.

And if I need to write something out in more detail there is plenty of space to do that. I think one of the best parts of the planner is the Accomplishments space. We sometimes don’t have much time to hit all our points in the day or someone gets sick and plans have to change. But there is ALWAYS something to be proud of and consider it an accomplishment. Right next to that is a space to write out what I might change in our approach next week. Sometimes I just write in MORE PATIENCE. It’s a nice reminder that nothing is perfect and something can always be improved upon. Plus, there is always tomorrow. Right?

If you are interested in reading more about ToT School go HERE

Want to pick up a planner for yourself? Head over to my etsy shop HERE


homeschool lesson planner printable planner



Are You On Instagram?

While I am busy making printable planner inserts, creating my newest love – The To-Do List, and tweaking the ToT School planner pages, I thought I would let you in on a little secret. I am an Instagram Junky. The good thing about that, for you, is that I can’t keep a secret long. So when something new is in the works or I finished a product but haven’t released it for sale you can see it first on Instagram.

are you on instagram2-01

You can also catch ToT School happening in Real Time, and check out my latest planner and printable designs. The nice thing about Instagram, it allows me to connect right with you. Answering questions about our ToT School activity or hearing your ideas for a section on the homeschool planner. Those are things I LOVE about IG. So click the image and follow my Instagram account. If you do follow leave a comment on a picture about it and I will follow you back.


To-Do Lists or Not To-Do

I am a list maker. Problem is I lose my list, have too many going and then have to start my list over. I realized that happens mostly because I am using a regular full size notepad. Those same notepads get used by my husband and his list making habit, as well as becoming a doodle pad for Big D.  The solution – something pretty just for me.




So I created a to-do list printable. Making it pretty with watercolor flowers and mixing it up by throwing in a blue one,  keeps me interested.  The sheets are printed in 3 columns, cutting along a dotted line, I then have the perfect sized list making notes.


The bonus of the size, it’s not big enough for my husband’s handwriting, so he doesn’t steal them. The other bonus, those big flowers make Big D think it has already been doodled on, he likes fresh paper.  So the pretty notepad, to-do list is mine all mine. Unless you want one – then go HERE and print some up today.

Free Printable: Let Them Lead

let them lead pinterest printable

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 4.33.25 PM


Sometimes we can get so stuck in planning out the day, the lesson and our time, that we forget to ask them what they would like to do. He might be little, he might not say much but he has an opinion. They all do. So, some days he gets to lead. Alright, let’s be honest, most days he leads.

But in letting him lead, literally following his lead, I discovered more about him than any of my planning could have let me. We played with trucks, on the couch, pretending to jump over things. We read his favorite book about 5 times and clapped at the end, then he “read” it to me and we clapped at the end. We sorted laundry his way, then cheerios his way and blocks his way.

I created this “Let Them Lead” printable to remind me that once in a while I need to let go and let them lead me. In doing so I learned that Big D, can do imaginary play, he sorts things, and is comprehending what we read. So click the image to the left and print out your own reminder to – LET THEM LEAD. If you are interested in seeing what other Free Printables are available go HERE.


Free Printable For The Planner Addict In Us All

Free printable. typography, quote

Dwight D. Eisenhower said “Plans Are Nothing; Planning Is Everything.”

Free printable. typography, quoteHow perfect is that? We can make plans to be awesome parents, great teachers, successful or wealthy. But that is all it is, a plan. Without planning out how you are going to get there Your Plans mean nothing.

I thought it would make a wonderful FREE printable for a limited time. All you have to do is click the image to the left and it will pull up in a new window without the web address. Printed as is, at 100% it will fit into an 8×10 frame, it may need to be trimmed depending on your frame. If you want to print it smaller than take down the percentage. For a 4×6 frame, similar to the image above, I went down to 50% and trimmed it.

Do you love this printable? Did you print it? Great! Next step, which would be pretty amazing of you – PIN IT  – The very first image – and let me know so I can start following you on Pinterest.

Interested in Skip The Mush Printable Planners go HERE on etsy.

January Goal Setting and Planning

This year I have several goals I want to accomplish. There are business goals, selling our home goals, ToT School Studio goals, and creative goals. In making my goals, working out the details and sticking to a plan, I have found that my planner inserts are working really well for it all. From the Weekly Box Planner, where I can plan out my week with general terms, pretty stickers and doodles, to the daily planner that lets me write out my day in detail and keep an hourly log of what the kids have been up to.

notes social pic


My favorite part of any planner happens to be the Notes page. I write, a lot. Lists, to do lists, reading lists for the kids, blog planning lists – the lists ( forgive me) are endless. Sure I could use ordinary folder/loose-leaf paper but it isn’t as pretty and I tend to lose all of those lists and notes to a random pile in the kitchen. These Note sheets actually stay inside if not pretty close to my binder, to nice to lose.

You can pick up the Notes planner insert in the shop today.

January 2016 Calendar Free Printable

January free printable calendar
Hope your New Year celebrations were wonderful. To make it a little better here’s a FREE printable calendar for the month of January. Click the picture and print. It’s that easy.

If you are interested in other Calendars, Planner Inserts or Tot School Homeschool Planner inserts go HERE