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pinterest social media marketing photo edit collage

Social Media Design is an important aspect of your social media marketing plan. As you know, having great images on your website/blog is important. More important than that, is having the right images. Have you noticed Pinterest’s more popular Pins are vertically large and brightly colored? Instagram images are more than just images, they can contain words, quotes or blog post information. These are all ways to capture an audience and entice them to visit your blog or shop. It is no longer enough to have a rectangular image on your blog and somewhere down the post place some square images. You need more! Your readers want more.  One way to start is by making sure your images are the right size.

This picture is 1080×1080 (square) originally; great as a product shot, but that is all it is. Now make it a Pinterest image and watch how it goes from, ‘Oh that’s pretty’ to ‘I need to repin this so I remember to get on facebook tomorrow at 2pm’.

Teething toy

And after a few edits, cropping and adding text, we have a winner.

Social Media Marketing, Create Pinterest images

The next two steps are to focus on your Instagram and Facebook fanpage images. Normally you would post the same image from your blog onto Instagram and write a caption about that image. Instead edit the size to a 1080×1080 square and add text. Then email yourself the new picture and save it to your phone. Use that image to market on facebook and instagram. Save your readers from having to click to read the caption and let them get right to your site with one less step. For instance, here is the Blog /Pinterest image and following is the image you want to share on Instagram and Facebook.

ToT School Studio Green 11 ways

Blog image that looks great on pinterest


image that you would use on Instagram and faecbook

image that you would use on Instagram and faecbook


Esthetically the same, but condensed and gives a little more than that paintbrush and flower could alone. Yes it takes time, yes you need an eye for color and positioning but it can be done. However, if you don’t have the time to add another step to your blog and social media marketing plan, then give a virtual assistant a try. There are many options out there in the assistant world. I happen to offer Social Media Design. Send me your blog pictures and I will create Pinterest and Instagram images that get shared, saved, pinned, reblogged, and bookmarked which all lead to more traffic to your site.

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