ToT School Studio: Getting Started

ToT School Studio: The Beginning

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ToT School Studio ~ Tot School Studio is my way of getting into the Homeschooling frame of mind. Finding ways to educate in a fun, playful and passionate manner. Giving my Toddler the attention he deserves and teaching him the basics in new and interesting ways daily.

250x250 tot school~ Why “ToT School”? It’s a fun thing to say. Toddler School just doesn’t sound like a party.

~ Why Studio? Think art studio. Studios are for creating, building, trying new things, open spaces, big windows and very little negativity. From creating fun ways to learn about numbers, to building a tiny mind into a bright brilliant one. Studios are where you create. In ToT School Studio we create something every day.

~ Why are you homeschooling a Toddler, shouldn’t they just play? YES! Yes. 100 times yes. They should PLAY, they should RUN, they should be LOUD. But sometimes they get bored. Honestly sometimes I get bored too. So ToT School keeps me thinking and on my toes, wanting to keep their young minds from getting bored. Focused Play for 5 minutes or 30 is the goal.

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The Beginning For Me: When I found out I was pregnant with Big D (2 years ago) I knew instantly that we would choose to homeschool him and any siblings that came along. Now that he is a very busy toddler I wanted to start introducing him to learning by making it fun. Focused Play is what we are calling it.

I Started our ToT School on January 4th 2016 see how it went HERE.

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Interested in the Weekly ToT School Lesson Planner? Check it out HERE in the shop.

It’s a 2 Page layout, Box planner. Lots of space for notes, thoughts, shopping lists and most importantly Accomplishments for the week.

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